“The Laughing-Learning Link”

This post’s title is borrowed from The HUMOR Project’s latest e-newsletter which reinforces the value of humor in learning situations.  “HAHA” (sharing a cartoon or funny anecdote) can lead to “AHA” (insight or content clarity) which can then lead to “AH” (understanding).

The formula works, trust me.  In my workshops & presentations, I often use cartoons from The Cartoon Bank, a fabulous (almost endless) source of humorous material.  It’s a great way to lighten things up, keep a group’s attention, and reinforce learning in the process.

For internal marketing purposes, there are many situations where you can use humor:

  • staff meetings
  • employee recognition/appreciation events (as long as you don’t overwhelm or detract attention from those being recognized)
  • training
  • orientation, etc.

You can use cartoons, funny stories, toys or token gifts, interactive exercises/skits/games, food, etc — as long as they’re appropriate for the situation and group.  A great source of ideas can be found in Sheila Ferguson’s book “Energize Your Meetings with Laughter” (one of my favorite resources).

Besides making your internal marketing events effective, find ways to also make them fun.

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