Some Snobs Just Shouldn’t Work in Retail!

It’s the last time I go to that jewelry store! My husband, Michael, and I went to a local independent jeweler to inquire about getting an appraisal on some jewelry we’d like to sell. The saleswoman who asked if she could “help” us (and I use the term loosely), promptly told us it couldn’t be done because they were busy getting ready to do a show. She could have been more polite about it, but she wasn’t. And this was the same woman who gave Michael a hard time a few weeks ago when he wanted to replace a watch battery. After she told him it would take a week(!), he walked two blocks to another store and had the watch fixed while he waited.

See, that’s the thing about us consumers – we have other options and choices. And we can almost always find other retailers who are ready, willing and able to take care of us.


This snob of a salesperson who lost our goodwill, as well as future sales, is the epitome of what Don Peppers described in his recent session at ASU’s Compete Through Service Symposium: “an indifferent employee” with a “can’t-do attitude.”

As a consumer, my feeling is: if you can’t take care of me, then I can’t be bothered to do business with you. But I will be happy – even delighted – to recommend to my friends (and anyone else within earshot) that they not patronize your store. As a marketer, however, I see this type of employee as a nightmare.

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