Come Learn Marketing Fundamentals

If you want to learn about marketing, or you’re in need of a back-to-basics refresher, come to AMA’s Marketing Boot Camps. For nonprofit professionals, I’ll be conducting the Nonprofit Marketing Boot Camp in Washington DC, this Feb. 22-23nd.

And for corporate folks, I’m doing Marketing Boot Camps in Philadelphia, March 29-30th, and in Des Moines, April 26-27th. If scheduling or travel is an issue, check AMA’s event list for other Boot Camp dates & locations.

The best part of these programs is the applied learning and interaction with the instructor and fellow attendees. That’s why I love doing these programs.


  • Sybil March 5, 2007 Reply

    Shady, I’d be happy to suggest some learning resources for you. But first, please let me know what type of marketing most interests you. For example: consumer or business marketing? nonprofit or for-profit? services or packaged goods? etc.

  • Shady Mansour March 4, 2007 Reply

    Great subject, well can u guide me when i start do self-study for marketing? i`d love to know about how i start it and how i develope marketing?
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Shady Mansour

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