“Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most” – Coming Soon!

I’m so excited!

My new book on internal marketing, Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care is scheduled for release in a few weeks. And my publisher, WME Books is offering a special 20% pre-release discount for people who order the book now before its official release Oct. 15, 2007.

That my book is a labor of love is an understatement … just ask my family, friends, and associates who’ve heard me talk about writing this book for a long time (at least ten years). I’ve had a lot of inspiration over the years from clients and colleagues, and my book is a compilation of what I’ve learned from them and others who “get it” – that to take care of customers, you first have to take care of your employees.

I’ve been able to create a compact, portable guide to effective employee-customer care, but my exploration of the subject doesn’t end with this book. Through this blog, I’ll continue to seek out and share new ideas, best practices, and lessons learned on how to apply internal marketing & communications for organizational success (so stay tuned).

At this point I want to extend my gratitude to some very special people who invested their time to review a draft copy of my book. I am greatly encouraged and humbled by their wonderful feedback: Janelle Barlow, Len Berry, Steve Brown, Merrill Dubrow, Bill McEwen, Charlotte Ravaioli, Jag Sheth, and Jill Stover.

I hope you’ll take advantage of my publisher’s pre-release discount. And when you finish my book, I invite you to share how it helped make a difference in your organization.


  • Sybil September 25, 2007 Reply

    Thank you, Yvonne, and your great team at WME for helping make my dream a reality.

  • Yvonne DiVita September 25, 2007 Reply

    Sybil, you are a delightful client. Your book is a must-read for all companies, big or small. It’s so jam-packed with great information and suggestions, I can’t believe you fit it all in such a slim volume. We at WMEBooks are proud to be your publisher. Here’s to thousands and thousands of sales!

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