Internal Marketing Spotlight: Mustang Engineering (Part 1)

Every once in a while I come across a company with a strong, positive corporate culture that embodies a true commitment to both its employees and customers. Mustang Engineering, a Houston, TX-based engineering firm, is one such company, and I’m happy to share their story with you.

Mustang Engineering was founded in 1987 by Bill Higgs, Paul Redmon, and Felix Covington, whose focus was on providing quality engineering design and servant leadership; i.e., taking care of their people and clients rather than the traditional commodity approach of selling engineering man hours. Describing their company as a “way to work, not just a place to work,” their business model is based on these 4 Ps: “People – Passion – Performance – Profit.”

Mustang Engineering has experienced tremendous growth over the past 20 years – it currently employs more than 4400 people (known as “Mustangers”) around the globe and has annual sales revenues over half a billion dollars. The company describes Mustangers as “a family of people who work and play together while displaying respect, integrity and convictions for our common goals.”

Giving Back to their Clients, Community and Each Other

This corporate family works hard and plays hard. Mustangers have the opportunity to participate in numerous corporate events and celebrations in addition to volunteering in the community. For example:

  • Go Texan Day/Chili Cook-Off – a fun event that brings project teams, departments, and Mustangers together to compete in a chili contest. The competition also includes themed costumes, booth decorations, and skits.
  • Client Shrimp Boil – in this anticipated annual recognition event, Mustangers get together to thank Clients, Partners, and Vendors for their continued support and contribution to the company’s success. Mustangers volunteer to help work this catered event attended by over 2000 guests. (Volunteer committees include greeters, parking, entertainment, handing out goodies, roving photographers, set up and clean up.)
  • Mustang Picnic, Easter Egg Hunt, and Spirit Days – throughout the year, Mustangers can share in fun events and celebrate as members of the “Mustang Family.”
  • Rebuilding Together Houston – “Each year Mustangers come together for two weekends to volunteer and devote time and energy [to] helping people that may be elderly or disabled, or live on a low fixed income and cannot make repairs to the homes themselves.”
  • American Heart Walk, MS-150, and “Heart of Mustang” Events – Mustangers also participate in a variety of community fundraisers, including their own “Heart of Mustang” initiative that supports numerous community organizations.

I’ll have more to share with you about Mustang in my next post.

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