“Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most” Book Tour Wrap Up

I completed my virtual book tour this week with a podcast interview on Phil Gerbyshack’s Slacker Manager and book review by Paul Hebert at Incentive Intelligence.

Overall, it’s been a fantastic trip! I’m delighted with the wonderfully positive response to my book and affirmation of my work in internal marketing. (I have to admit that I went into this tour somewhat apprehensive, as an author never knows what the reviewers will say.)

I’m deeply appreciative of these wonderful bloggers who graciously “hosted” me on this tour by taking the time to review my book and share it with their readers:

Preparing for and participating in this online book tour, I learned a lot from their blogs and readers’ comments. They’re all now on my blogroll (“Relevant Links”), and I encourage you to visit them regularly.

Here’s why you should visit their blogs now. Most of my book reviews included a special discount code to save 20% off the book’s price. This offer will only be available for a few weeks, so check out the reviews to find the code. (And share the review links with a friend!)

I also learned how much work goes into setting up a virtual book tour and want to express my gratitude to Greg Bell who coordinated my tour on behalf of WME Books.

Thanks, again, to my book reviewers, Greg, Yvonne DiVita, and the terrific team at WME Books for a great virtual book tour experience.

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