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I was honored when Terry Seamon asked me to be a guest blogger for his “Engaging Voices” series about how to thrive in this difficult economy. Terry is an organizational development & training professional who’s active in the Employee Engagement Network.

My guest post was about the need for companies to be attentive not only to their customers, but to their employees as well. Since then I came across a Forbes’ article that also encourages an employee-focused approach: Quantum Market Research (the folks who survey employees to determine the Best Places to Work) recently explored the negative impact of the economic crisis on employee engagement levels. Among the “lessons learned” enabling some companies to maintain high engagement levels, Quantum cites open and honest communication along with continued focus and commitment to employee development and well-being.

In no way will I minimize the importance of being employee-focused. I just wonder why it takes a financial crisis to get some companies to recognize the value of their human capital. My hope is that if they listen to those of us voicing employee-engagement advice and get through this crisis, they don’t go back to business as usual.

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  • Angelique Rewers March 13, 2009 Reply

    Great article! Watson Wyatt has also released some new research reinforcing this idea as well.
    On a similar note, recessions often drive organizations to make wide-sweeping changes that have a tremendous affect on engagement levels if not carried out with some sensitivity and skill. In my opinion, most of these organizations do not think about or appreciate the lasting, long-term consequences of failing to focus on employees as a strategic asset.
    Keep up the great content!

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