Why We Can’t Afford Disengaged Employees – Especially Now

The importance of engaging employees in the workplace continues to grow – with new content published daily (including from yours truly), conferences, and even a dedicated online professional network – all discussing (and preaching) the positive aspects of engagement on employee morale, productivity, and the bottom line. The estimated business cost of employee disengagement is a staggering $300 billion! Think of the impact on our economy (no stimulus money needed) if employers would/could effectively minimize employee disengagement.

Michael Sebastian offers some great suggestions to help with this. (I love the fact that Michael and Eric Brown, whose blog featured the cited post, are IT professionals. It’s great to know HR and marketers aren’t the only ones concerned with employee engagement.)

Consider this excerpt from All Employees Are Marketers, by British entrepreneur & author Richard Parkes Cordock, as a critical call to action for all of us:

“You must put your people at the centre of your business and recognise that it is your responsibility, as the leader of your team, to continually develop them, inspire them, educate them and give them the tools to perform at the highest level.

Economic timing should be irrelevant, but if there was ever a case for developing your staff, it would be in economic downtimes, when all companies must work harder to attract and retain customers, and where falling guilty of the cardinal sin of losing customers is economic suicide.

In your business you may feel there is never a good time to take action to develop your people, but in reality, the time is right now.”

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