Good People and Good Works at Goodwill

I had the privilege of conducting an internal marketing workshop for the good folks of Goodwill Industries in South Central California and it was a delightful experience.

From the warm and welcoming reception by workshop host, David Hessberger, Director of Retail Services, to the active participation of Goodwill staff and guests, it was one of the most rewarding programs I’ve ever presented. I love sharing internal marketing with people who “get it” and are eager to learn more. I also love learning about their work: their daily challenges and what motivates them to do their best.

I’m familiar with Goodwill as a consumer (I’m both a donor and shopper at my local Goodwill stores) and as a marketer (I’ve presented marketing sessions at a Goodwill Industries International Learning Event). Yet I continued to be amazed by what I learn about them. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that relies on donated items (clothing, household goods, etc.) more so than financial contributions (although they’re happy to accept them as well). They support the Goodwill mission by managing and running stores with professional retail operations that include logistics, merchandising, and customer service. As such, they compete with for-profit retailers as well as other nonprofits. When it comes to their role in workforce development, however, they’re engaged in collaborative community partnerships to provide vocational skills training and employment opportunities.


Goodwill is an organization that’s truly committed to developing people (including its own) in advancing its mission to help others. From my experience with the good people of Goodwill of South Central California and Goodwill Industries International, I’ve seen their commitment to the organization’s core values of respect, stewardship, ethics, learning, and innovation. I’m proud to work with them and support them.

Speaking of support, it’s time to clean out my closets and see what more I can donate to my local Goodwill. I encourage you to join me in this “Goodwill hunting.”

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