Just Enough Engagement isn’t Enough

I recently attended the inaugural Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Expo that focused on engaging employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and channel partners; i.e., everyone who impacts the enterprise.

As with all great conferences, learning took place both in formal sessions and informal networking. It was during a casual conversation about the current state of engagement, that Paul Kiewiet (one of the conference speakers) shared this with me:

“People work just hard enough to not get fired, and companies pay employees just enough that they don’t quit.”


Not exactly a formula for success these days.

Note: I’ll share more about enterprise engagement in my next post.

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  • Dawn Lennon June 25, 2010 Reply

    An unsettling state of affairs that doesn’t bode well for lifelong career satisfaction and success! I’ll be interested in learning more! Thanks for sharing this!

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