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The ultimate learning & networking forum for service excellence will be here soon, and I’m honored and thrilled to be a part of it. This year’s 21st Annual Compete Through Service Symposium, sponsored by the Center for Services Leadership (CSL), will take place November 3-5, 2010, in Phoenix AZ. (My long-time blog readers know that I’ve recommended this program as THE best place to learn about the latest ideas and best practices in services management and marketing.)

Top-notch speakers will share their expertise in areas that include customer engagement, employee engagement, innovative service design and strategy, transitioning from a product-based to a service-based organization, and effective service recovery. I’ll be presenting my session, From the Front Line to the Bottom Line: Strategic Tools of Engagement, on Thursday, November 4th.

I’m looking forward to taking in as many sessions as I can, including that of my Zappos friend, Donavon Roberson, Zappos Insights Culture Evangelist, who’ll be speaking on The Value of Values! I’m also excited about catching up with one of my long-time mentors, CSL Director Dr. Stephen Brown.

This year’s Symposium is an incredible opportunity to network with senior-level service executives (attendees and speakers) and CSL staff. Hope you can join us!



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