What Does Your Chief (fill-in-the-blank) Officer Do?




Corporate titles and acronyms abound in the workplace. For example:

  • Does your CEO’s title stand for Chief Executive Officer? Chief Engagement Officer? Or Chief Encouragement Officer?
  • Is your CIO the Chief Information Officer? Chief Innovation Officer? Chief Insight Officer?
  • Do you have a CHO – Chief Happiness Officer? (Seriously?!)

You can find other interesting titles beyond those in the C-suite:

  • Human Systems Director
  • EVP of Cultural Enhancement
  • Head People Person
  • Head of People Communications & Marketing
  • Director of Employee Brand and Strategy Engagement
  • VP of Emerging Media
  • Creative Paradox
  • Resident Futurist.

OK, so I made up one of the titles in the above list. Can you guess which one?

[Note: For more title fun, check out the Job Title Generator.]

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