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It’s Here! Help for Engaging Nonprofits’ Most Powerful Assets

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new book, Share of Mind, Share of Heart: Marketing Tools of Engagement for Nonprofits. Response to the book’s pre-publicity has been very positive, and I have several interviews and speaking requests already lined up, with more in the works. This summer will be a busy one!

An inspired journey …

My book was inspired by many dedicated nonprofit professionals and volunteers, including my colleagues, clients, and participants in my nonprofit workshops. I appreciate their willingness to share their expertise and experience with me as I worked on the book. Individually and collectively, they confirmed nonprofit engagement as an important area of interest that draws more intention than actual action. The reasons for this range from benign neglect (e.g., nonprofit managers who are stretched thin and don’t have the time to proactively engage staff and volunteers) to an organizational culture where passion-for-the-mission is deemed sufficient (i.e., once engaged = always engaged … an erroneous presumption).

Their concerns and ideas confirmed my own experience as a nonprofit advisor and volunteer. This insight guided me in writing Share of Mind, Share of Heart as a guide to the foundation and practical tools that will enable nonprofits to better engage the people behind the mission – the employees and volunteers who represent a nonprofit’s brand.

The book is on target
According to the following reviews:

  • Share of Mind, Share of Heart is a great guide to success in nonprofit marketing with a strong reminder about the importance of engaging an often overlooked audience — staff members of the organization.”
    – Celeste Wroblewski, Nonprofit Strategist
  • “Uniquely, [this] book shows how paid staff and volunteers are full partners in maintaining the organization’s image and impact in the community. ”
    – Susan J. Ellis, President, Energize, Inc., and Editor-in-Chief, e-Volunteerism
  • “Stocked with examples throughout, Share of Mind, Share of Heart … demonstrates how marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department — it’s everyone’s job.”
    –  Ken Bernhardt, Taylor E. Little Jr. Professor of Marketing, Georgia State University
  • “Stershic’s book is all about getting active in marketing your organization. [It] gives you practical action-oriented tasks that help you focus on getting more than your organization’s fair share of the minds and hearts of the people you want to reach.”
    – Chris Forbes, co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits
  • Share of Mind, Share of Heart is a pithy, potent survival guide to making good things happen with marketing. Read it to engage more powerfully within your own organization …”
    – Katya Andresen, Chief Strategy Officer, Network for Good; author of Robin Hood Marketing

If you know nonprofit leaders who want to strengthen employee, volunteer, and consumer engagement, please let them know that help is available in Share of Mind, Share of Heart: Marketing Tools of Engagement for Nonprofits.

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