Why Some Companies Need to Go Back to School


Why shouldn’t they?

A friend of mine shared this story about working with a business manager on a special project to change payroll processing companies for their firm.


“My task was to create a short list of companies so the business manager and I could request an interview with a rep. I created the list and decided to do a bit of research before contacting any of the companies. My research was to simply visit each applicable website.

“Turns out one of them had so many typos that I immediately deleted them from the short list. Perhaps I should have contacted someone to tell them about the numerous errors, but I suspected they probably wouldn’t care. After all, if they cared, there wouldn’t have been any typos – especially on their home page.

“My thought process was this: if their website is so grammatically messed up, what will they do with our payroll?!”

Besides the need for better writing skills and oversight, this story reinforces every touch point – whether in-person or online – makes an impression. If you don’t care about the quality of that impression, then don’t worry about sweating the small stuff.

How many companies would you recommend go back to school for Remedial Business?

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