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Paper is Not Obsolete Because …

I appreciate the immediacy and accessibility of digital media, especially for sharing content. Being visually-oriented, however, I prefer to read and work with paper. I can better develop content and connect ideas by “seeing” them laid out on paper on which I can make notes and take with me to refine/edit as needed.

That’s why I’m captivated by Domtar’s “Paper because” marketing campaign that was launched in 2010 to educate the public on the value of paper as “sustainable, personal and purposeful.” Here’s one of my favorite Domtar ads with its caption below.

All this social media might be making us less social.

Another favorite is “People … Meet Paper.”

Domtar aims to remind people that printed material is still needed in today’s digital world for education & learning, creativity, collaboration, and relationships. In an Op-Ed piece, Domtar CEO John Williams wrote not just about advocating paper’s value, but also promoting a “balance of ‘pixels and print.'”

Both paper and digital media are needed, although people will have their preferences – like Why Printed Books Will Never Die by Josh Catone. (Amen!)

Special thanks to Kathy Wholley, Domtar’s Director of Advertising & Communications, for sharing information on the “Paper because” campaign. I was impressed with her email tag line: “Paper informs us, persuades us, educates us and organizes us. It’s OK to use paper.” Really.

[Photo: Domtar advertisement.]





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I agree, Murtaza. There are B2B marketers out there returning to creative paper-based direct marketing to differentiate themselves.

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