Happy Working Parents Day!

That’s right, it’s Working Parents Day. Celebrated every year on September 16th, here’s what this “holiday” represents:

Working Parents Day gives recognition to moms and dads who work hard to provide for their children. Every day dad, and often mom, go off to work [whether that work is at home or elsewhere; see Important Note below]. They work hard to earn money to make ends meet. They work hard to be able to afford the extras that kids want and need. This includes things like school trips, funding the proms, athletics, music, dance classes, clubs, and much, much more. Today is a chance for the kids to show a little appreciation. We suggest doing the dishes, cleaning up, and overall doing extra chores around the house. If you are old enough, make dinner for the folks. Important Note: This day speaks to “working parents” [and] “stay at home moms” fit this classification.

Working in an organization and raising a family calls for strong engagement that helps build family, community, and an economy. Ideally, that engagement is aligned and mutually supportive of all involved; however, trade-offs are often required between work life and family life. I know many successful people who find meaning and joy in both.

Whether working primarily outside and/or in the home, parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs there is. If your kids aren’t inclined to honor this designated “holiday,” I suggest you take time to celebrate yourself. September 16th notwithstanding, everyday is Working Parents Day. Here’s to all of us!

Special acknowledgment: With gratitude to my beloved parents who were exceptional working parents.

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