Continue Learning to Continue Leading

The best leaders are insatiable learners,” according to author and Fast Company co-founder Bill Taylor. He explains “the challenge for leaders is not to out-hustle, out-muscle, or out-maneuver the competition. It is to out-think the competition in ways big and small, to develop a unique point of view about the future and get there before anyone else does.”

This imperative to engage in learning is also “vitalizing,” and it’s one of the reasons I’m passionate about ongoing professional development. It’s fascinating to find new ideas and/or be reminded of best practices that can be used to improve organizational effectiveness. As a trainer and facilitator, I always enjoy the opportunity to share insight and applied knowledge to help others while also learning from them.

It’s refreshing these days to find more organizations rediscovering the value of face-to-face training. For a unique learning experience, I recommend the upcoming AMA Marketing Workshops, where attendees choose the sessions they’re most interested in within Branding/Strategy, Marketing Communications, and Digital Marketing tracks. I’ll be there to present one of my favorite sessions on “Internal Marketing Tools of Engagement” to help attendees better engage employees as marketing and brand champions.

Regardless of the professional development program or experience you choose, remember “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”



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