Understanding How Much is Enough? Assimilation vs. Accumulation

To maintain perspective in this season of thanksgiving and gift giving, here’s an excerpt from a most excellent article by business and life coach Steve Davis. In Assimilation vs. Accumulation, he writes:

“Unconscious compulsions for “more input” seldom satisfy our true needs. Nor will having piles of unread books and magazines ringing our desks reduce the nagging sense that there is some piece of information that will really change everything for us.

Satisfaction comes from fully digesting and extracting the fine nutrients from what we already have, and making choices for new input based on our true values and passions, not our casual likes and vague interests.

Saying yes to only what most serves our needs and resonates with our deepest sense of self, and our chosen mission will go a long way to lessen the burden. So will focusing on what is important to ours and not someone else’s sense of self.”

The complete article is worth reading to learn how we can better assimilate what’s important such as: relationships, customers, ideas, information, and experience.

May you be “fully present” and find true “full nourishment” this holiday season and throughout the new year.


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