Engagement Musings

Ready to Engage in the New Year?

Note: the following is a timely excerpt from A Little Book of Big Thoughts: Lip-Sticking, The Book, written (and shared with permission) by Yvonne DiVita,  Lip-Sticking founder and BlogPaws co-founder.

Happy Day to the World

Today, the sun is out. All’s right with our world.

Yes, life has become harder … We all wonder what the New Year will bring, and some of us are dreading it.

Some of us, however, are celebrating friendship, camaraderie, good health, love of family and pets, and expectations for better times. I am one of them.

There is a world of opportunity for all coming – an exciting year waiting for you to create the bells and whistles that will lift up those around you …

… and by doing so, lift yourself up, onto the path of success. I’ll meet you there.

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