A Review of Sprinkles – How Little Things Inspire Exceptional Customer Service

Who doesn’t like sprinkles to enhance cookies or cake or ice-cream? It’s the little extras that make a difference in special treats … and brands.

That’s the essence of best-selling author Chip Bell‘s newest book, Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service. Chip advocates “value-unique” rather than “value-added” service, explaining: “We all have unlimited ways to serve uniquely, but only a finite number of ways to add more.” Sprinkles books-order_stack

Sprinkles shares the “secret sauce” of what it takes to make the most of those opportunities, such as amazement, allegiance, and adventure, to name a few. Just like in his well-received book, The 9- ½ Principles of Innovative Service, readers will find easy-to-understand and relatable stories that illustrate value-unique service. Equally important, Chip includes thought-provoking questions that managers and employees can use to better understand how to create awesome experiences for their customers.

The range of examples Chip cites can spark ideas on delighting customers. It’s also a great reminder that not all innovative service has to be cutting-edge; some of it is quite basic, yet often assumed or overlooked. Just like sprinkles – simple, yet impactful.

“The key to achieving customer delight is not excess, but opportunity. While most service is routine, every once in awhile an out-of-the-ordinary situation presents itself – a complaint, a question, a special request, a chance for the employee to go the extra mile. If employees are trained to look for those opportunities and empowered to act on them when they appear, customers will be delighted … ” Peter Gurney


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