Strategic PR Guide for Nonprofits [Infographic]

Public relations (PR) is an essential part of a nonprofit’s marketing function because it helps educate the public on the organization’s mission, increase donations, and find more volunteers. With nonprofits allocating an average of five percent or less of their budget on PR and marketing, team members have to rely on less expensive options such as social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) to interact with their stakeholders.

Compounding this situation is that in many small to medium-size nonprofits, PR tends fall through the cracks as one of the last line items in a job description (i.e., “other duties as assigned”).

To help nonprofit professionals better understand PR’s scope and value, here’s a comprehensive guide to how it can be applied to benefit a nonprofit’s brand by increasing its presence in a community, fostering relationships, and engaging donors. This special infographic is shared with permission from the University of San Francisco.

For nonprofit staff and volunteers — my intent is to help you understand PR’s many applications so you can:

  1. prioritize its functions based on available resources, and
  2. determine where and how you might obtain assistance (via education, volunteer/board networking, sources offering pro-bono services, etc.) to help with your PR efforts.

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