An Engaging Journey on the Impact Revolution Channel

It’s happened. I’ve reached the point when I’m invited to speak on podcasts whose hosts are much younger than I am.

Does this make me feel old?

Surprisingly, no. It makes me appreciative of how much business experience I have to share. Keeping a positive mindset, I prefer to think of it as “sharing my experience” rather than “providing a historical perspective.”

All kidding aside, I’m flattered that younger business professionals are interested in my career journey in internal marketing for employee-customer engagement.

I’m especially encouraged by this next generation of leaders that understand the value and need to foster a positive workplace culture.

Case in point: Yoshi Garnica, CEO of Agile Mind Lab, whose work is focused on helping leaders apply what’s needed to create and sustain a “human-centered culture” that promotes meaningful work for employee well-being, productivity and success. Yoshi hosts the “Impact Revolution” channel where experts and entrepreneurs share successful business practices.

As a recent guest on his show, we talked about how I found my passion for employee-customer engagement and how it resulted in my creating a marketing and facilitation business without a formal education in either field. (Hint: it takes committing to continuous learning, lots of practice, and seeking guidance from mentors; i.e., proactive professional development.) We also covered “lessons learned” that starting solopreneurs can learn from.

Listen to this engaging 30 minute conversation here:

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