Share of Mind, Share of Heart by Sybil Stershic

Synopsis: Struggling to sustain a critical mission with limited resources, nonprofit leaders and managers can easily get caught up in operational issues and lose sight of what matters – and what matters is the tremendous impact every employee and volunteer has on the organization’s brand.

Share of Mind, Share of Heart: Marketing Tools of Engagement for Nonprofits explains the essence of nonprofit marketing and provides the framework that nonprofit professionals and volunteers can use to effectively engage the people behind the mission. This invaluable guide includes thought-provoking questions and special worksheets that enable readers to apply the concepts to their organizations.

Available in print and e-book format.

What They’re Saying About This Book

‘Share of Mind, Share of Heart’ is a pithy, potent survival guide to making good things happen with marketing. Read it to engage more powerfully within your own organization – and the world beyond.
Katya Andresen, Chief Strategy Office, Network for Good; author, Robin Hood Marketing

With a great passion for (and deep expertise in) nonprofit marketing, Sybil Stershic has written an immensely practical, valuable book. Unlike many academic texts on nonprofit marketing, this book is peppered with questions designed to get you thinking tangibly and immediately about how the concepts discussed can be applied directly to the day-to-day business of your organization. I found her insights into internal marketing tools of engagement to be particularly apt and important. Too often in leanly staffed, under-capitalized nonprofits where staff is pressed for time, we overlook this crucial area. Morale and profits suffer as a result, with organizations sometimes seeming disconnected and disengaged from their customers, volunteers, and (in some cases) overall mission.
Andrew Edmonson, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Houston Ballet

‘Share of Mind, Share of Heart’ aligns marketing strategies with employee engagement essentials tailored to the challenges faced by nonprofits. The book’s concise principles and guide format will help you frame a plan. It’s rare to have a marketing guide specific to the needs of nonprofits. Sybil has filled the void.
Dawn Lennon, executive coach

You will go back to this book again and again for practical instruction to help staff members, consultants, and volunteers effectively communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and accomplishments, not only to potential funders, but also to one another, strengthening your brand both internally and externally. This book is a small investment that will reap enormous benefits for your nonprofit.
Susan Danoff, nonprofit founder

Like the author, I have served on a variety of non-profit boards and counseled them about marketing. I’ve found that the whole idea of marketing is intimidating to many non-profits. They often believe marketing is too complicated for them and requires a commitment of resources (both human and monetary) beyond their capability. This insightful book dispels these fears as myths. Marketing is presented here as it truly ought to be: a simple, people-based idea about creating and communicating value. Each chapter provides an understandable exercise that will cause the reader to pause and reflect upon how to bring the marketing concept to life in any non-profit.
Frank Haas, Dean of Hospitality, Business and Legal Education, Kapiolani Community College

It’s common for people who are involved in nonprofits to look down on marketing as being too commercial because the focus needs to be on the mission of the organization. Stershic walks a balanced path between holding true to an organization’s mission and making sure that the organization and all its constituencies are viable for the long term.

Nonprofits of all sizes can benefit from reading and using this book for developing their marketing plans and strategies. The book is short enough, compact enough and easy enough to follow so that any nonprofit team will be able to go through this process and achieve powerful results.
Ivana Taylor,

This is the first book that I’ve read that specifically targets marketing ‘from the inside-out’  … [it] focuses on the people who work or volunteer for you. While you’ve heard it said that ‘marketing is everyone’s job,’ Sybil actually shows you how to make that happen.
Gayle Gifford, nonprofit consultant, Cause & Effect