Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most by Sybil Stershic

Synopsis: Employees play a critical role in delivering the brand promise. Yet in many organizations, employees are considered an afterthought. Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee Customer-Care presents a strong case as to why employers and managers need to increase their focus on employees, as well as customers, for a better bottom line.

It shares the foundation and tools that companies can use to foster employee and customer engagement. This compact, easy-to-read guide also includes “Action Plan Starter Notes” designed to help managers apply the insights and ideas to their organizations.

Available in print.

What They’re Saying About This Book

‘Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most’ is a 130-page pocket guide for managers that basically covers the WHAT, WHY and HOW of building a strong internal marketing practice geared towards engaging not only your employees, but your customers as well. The book easily connects the dots when it comes to the positive cycle that links good employee morale to great customer experiences (and back again!) … It is brilliant in its simplicity and clarity.
Olivier Blanchard, The Brand Builder Blog

If, after reading this book, you still need convincing that happy, engaged staff are critical to creating happy, engaged customers, then probably nothing will convince you until you wake up one morning and find your organization has become a non-differentiated commodity competing solely on price. Stershic’s guide is chock full of examples from a host of companies that are exploring the idea that regardless of how strongly you assert that your business is focused on the customer, unless you back that up by focusing on your staff, it’s a meaningless statement.
Janelle M. Barlow, TMI US

Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most’ is one of the best books on internal marketing. What I liked most about the book are the practical and implementable guidelines for nurturing employee centric culture.
Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth, Emory University

Read the essential and organizational transforming book ‘Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most’ by Sybil Stershic and unleash the power of engaged employees as never before. Sybil bolsters the theoretical aspect of internal marketing with a step by step manual to integrate the concepts into the company DNA.
Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

I finished this book in one sitting. It is terrific on about ten levels. not the least of which is the honest care and concern the author has for employees as well as customers. What’s most impressive is the organization of the book and the practicality it offers.
Charlotte Ravaioli, Keystone College

If you care about your employees, your customers and their relationship, because that’s the foundation of your business, you will want to read Sybil’s book in order to know how to take care of them. So they can take care of themselves and you.
Zane Safrit, Business leader & consultant

Sybil made it very easy to start a game plan with her Action Plan Starter Notes section at the end of a number of chapters. There is something to learn in this book for everyone, even those who have managed people for 30 years.
Merrill Dubrow, M/A/R/C Research