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Reading for Fun & Profit (Share the Wealth)

Looking for a good marketing/business read? Check out Jack Covert’s latest book reviews in the March 1st issue of … there’s bound to be at least one book that will appeal to folks interested in business reading.

No doubt about it, it’s a challenge to make the effort in this age of information overload. But the return is well worth it when you find a book that stimulates your thinking & adds to your wealth of knowledge. Some of the best business people I know (including my husband Michael) make time to read these books.

Fortunately, networking can help reduce the time involved in choosing what to read – getting and giving recommendations on what business books are worth reading.

What was neat for me in checking out book reviews was discovering that I know the reviewer. While we’ve never met in person, Jack Covert & I served together as “screeners” for the American Marketing Association Foundation’s Berry-Book Prize (named for my mentor, Dr. Len Berry, Professor at Texas A&M).

And here’s your chance to do some book networking. The Foundation is currently seeking nominations for the Berry-AMA Book Prize to recognize current books that have had a significant impact on marketing. Check it out to nominate your favorite … and while you’re there, check out the past winners for additional reading ideas.