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Mother Knows Marketing Best

Posted by spectyrmedia | On: May 07 2013 | Comments (12)
[Note: I'm proud to feature this special guest post by Jason Stershic, interactive marketing specialist. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!] Sybil Stershic is my mother and, for most of my conscious life, she’s been the proprietor of Quality Service Marketing....

Hokey Smoke! My Business is 25 Years Old!

Posted by sybil | On: Jan 08 2013 | Comments (2)
2013 is a special year in that it marks Quality Service Marketing’s 25th year in business! I’m amazed that it’s been that long, as it certainly doesn’t feel that way – mostly because I’ve been following my passion for engaging...

Quality Service Marketing Joins the World Wide Web

Posted by sybil | On: Dec 07 2010 | Comments (3)
I’m happy to introduce my new website! Until now I resisted the idea, using this blog in lieu of a separate website. So why now – especially given social media’s blending of internet marketing tools? The decision to have my own website was necessitated by...