Marketing Training

Interactive sessions engage participants and get them on “on the same page” in understanding their individual and collective impact on the brand.

QSM’s hands-on workshops include:

  • Marketing for non-marketers
  • Nonprofit marketing fundamentals
  • Back-to-basics marketing refresher
  • Understanding & improving the customer experience

Thank you for helping to make our statewide marketing & sales meeting a great success. Your presentation was well prepared, clearly delivered, and ‘right on target’ with our meeting objectives. Finally, we want you to know how much our corporate marketing team appreciates your ongoing support and encouragement.Director of Training & Branch Development

From the onset you asked the right questions and fulfilled needs for our organization. Thanks to your personalized and professional approach, we have given our customers – the managers being trained – quality seminars and workshops. I also appreciate your follow-up support. It is not often that one has the opportunity to work with someone of such integrity and service values.Regional Director of Training

On behalf of the Conference Committee, the Association and myself, I want to thank you for a very successful marketing workshop and panel. I don’t think I engaged in one conversation about the workshop or panel without someone telling me how much they learned and how impressed they were. Professional Association Conference Chair

The Next Step
Contact Sybil Stershic to discuss your marketing training needs: call 610-366-8944 (EST) or email