Customer service

Clueless in Customer Commitment

I watched sadly as my husband & his brothers recently endured a lot of undeserved & unnecessary stress from a bank’s brokerage division’s poor service & staff incompetence.

In trying to close out an account from my father-in-law’s estate, they kept getting the run-around and poor excuses about the paperwork involved … most of it BS.  Attempts to resolve their frustration by trying to appeal higher up were ignored.  So it became customer service’s responsibility for damage control.

And while the situation was handled gingerly by a customer service rep (kudos to her for her personal empathy & professional manner), the brand damage was done.

Unfortunately, this also reinforced the decline in business’s commitment to customers as reported in the Strativity Group’s annual Customer Experience Management Survey.  Results from last year’s study found “companies remained self-centric, transaction-based, and product-focused.”

Based on my family’s experience, you can count SunTrust Investments among the clueless.

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