“Small Message, Big Impact” – A Helpful Guide to the Elevator Speech

A major challenge for most business professionals is mastering the art of the elevator speech – a three minute (or less) introduction that tells people who you are, what you do, and why they should consider doing business with you. I’ve spent many years trying to craft the perfect elevator speech; for me it’s become an ongoing work-in-progress.

That’s why I was interested in Terri L. Sjodin’s new book Small Message, Big Impact that will be released in June 2011. [Disclosure: I received a free advance copy of this book for review.]

Of all the “how-to” books and blog posts I’ve read on this topic to date, Sjodin’s book is one of the most helpful. She describes different types of elevator speeches and the different ways you can use them. She then outlines a practical process to help people craft their own concise messages, including language mechanics such as “speech supports” and “rhetoric devices.” While Sjodin’s explains each step with examples and sample worksheets, it all came together for me at the end of the book where she illustrates the complete process. I also found value in the last chapter entitled “Nuggets of Advice and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.”

So, have I perfected my elevator speech as a result of reading this book? Not quite yet … but I will get there using the insight and tools shared in Small Message, Big Impact.

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Sounds like a great resource, Sybil, for the often elusive elevator speech. That’s the challenge: So much to say, so little time. Thanks for taking the time to pass this info along. ~Dawn

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