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How Will You Honor Your Employees on Recognition Day?

Posted by sybil | On: Feb 21 2017 | In Engagement
Recognizing and affirming employee value is critical to creating and sustaining employee engagement. And while workplace recognition should be a no-brainer, Gallup research found otherwise. According to Gallup practice manager Annamarie Mann and researcher Nate Dvorak, ” …...

The Engaging Customer Experience as a Differentiator

Posted by sybil | On: Feb 14 2017 | In Customer service, Engagement
[I'm pleased to feature this special guest post by Chip Bell in honor of his new book, Kaleidoscope:  Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles. Chip is a respected and renowned keynote speaker and the author of several national best-selling books. He can be reached at Adding...

Confessions of a Recovering Nonprofit Executive

Posted by sybil | On: Feb 07 2017 | In Engagement, Training & Development
One of the most challenging jobs I know of is held by people who work in nonprofits — they are as passionate about their work as they are stressed trying to accomplish much with limited resources. I explored this topic recently with a former nonprofit leader, Debrah Cummins,...

What to Look for When Replacing a Manager

Posted by sybil | On: Jan 31 2017 | In Engagement
A colleague expressed frustration about a corporate search that took nearly a year to replace a department head. It takes time to bring in the right person, and urgency takes a back seat to finding the right fit. The challenge, however, is getting through the process as employees...

How to Boost Mission Awareness

Posted by sybil | On: Jan 24 2017 | In Engagement, Training & Development
[Note: This guest post was written by Kim Plyler, a communications professional and media strategist. CEO and founder of SahlComm, Kim works with high level clients in the technology, finance, manufacturing, cyber security, NGOs and nonprofit sectors. Her company's mission is to...

How to (Gently) End a Customer Relationship

Posted by sybil | On: Jan 10 2017 | In Customer service, Engagement, Marketing
When I asked other business professionals when it’s best to lose a customer or client, the reasons boiled down to the customer’s lack of respect and not being fully committed to the working relationship. Examples cited included: difficult interactions with or mistreating...

Creative Planning for 2017

Posted by sybil | On: Dec 27 2016 | In Engagement
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Napkin futures by David Zinger “Tabling strategy. Gel pens drawn during fast food lunch sparking napkin artistry. Ink bleeds arrows, word, and stick figures into thin paper. Absorbing both strategic thinking and mustard drips oozing from the overflowing cheeseburger. It is...

A Favorite Holiday Classic–Revisited

Posted by sybil | On: Dec 20 2016 | In Musings
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In the spirit of the season, here’s an updated version of Clement C. Moore‘s beloved holiday poem. One Crazy Cool Yule [Author unknown] “Twas the Night before Christmas” has lots of nice rhymes But I fear that the tale doesn’t fit modern times. What is...

Read This If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed This Holiday

Posted by sybil | On: Dec 13 2016 | In Engagement
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If you need help regaining your perspective on what’s important this holiday, consider these words of wisdom from business and life coach, Steve Davis. He offers a profound strategy to better cope with the stress of “too much.” To find true fulfillment and better...

The Need for Engagement and “Enlightened Hospitality”

Posted by sybil | On: Nov 29 2016 | In Engagement
Regardless of where you stand on the results of the recent presidential election, employee engagement has been affected by post-election uncertainty. That’s why Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, has encouraged employees to re-focus on the company’s mission...