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Why I Write: A Brief History

Posted by sybil | On: Aug 18 2014 | In Musings
I’m happy to be part of a writing-theme blog hop since the request came from my friend, Yvonne DiVita of Lipsticking blog-fame. I learned I’d be in great company with my friends, Robbi Hess, All Words Matter, and Toby Bloomberg, Diva Marketing (Toby is also my “blog...

Summer Blog Break 2014

Posted by sybil | On: Jul 14 2014 | In Engagement, Marketing
After an extremely busy six months of speaking engagements and client work, it’s time for my annual blog break. I find summer is the perfect time to clear my head, catch up on a backlog of reading (preferably outside in the sunshine), and stimulate new content marketing ideas. This...

Why We Need to Put the Brakes on Wheel-Spinning Managers

Posted by sybil | On: Jul 08 2014 | In Engagement
Bike racing is a great sport but it’s a lousy metaphor for management. I know because I had the unfortunate experience of seeing such management in action. I once worked for a boss who had a bike racing poster in his office. The poster was a gift from the Lehigh Valley PA-based Velodrome cycling...

Good Signs of Customer Service

Posted by sybil | On: Jun 24 2014 | In Customer service, Engagement
Employees who smile and are genuinely happy to see you. Employees who sincerely want to help you. Managers who smile and are genuinely happy to see you. Managers who sincerely want to help you or help their employees help you. Happy customers.

Employees as Volunteers? Or Volunteers as Employees?

Posted by sybil | On: Jun 17 2014 | In Engagement
If your organization relies on paid employees to get its work done, would you treat them any differently if they were volunteers? Other thought leaders have shared their views on this topic, including: Treat Employees Like Volunteers for Better Performance by Paul Hebert, Symbolist Drucker:...

Marketing Animal Rescues & Shelters – BlogPaws 2014

Posted by sybil | On: Jun 03 2014 | In Marketing, Training & Development
One of the reasons I love my work is that I get to meet dedicated nonprofit professionals and volunteers eager to share their stories. They’re also eager to learn how to further their respective organization’s mission in the marketing workshops I teach. The volunteers...

Is Your Recruiting Hurting Your Brand?

Posted by sybil | On: May 27 2014 | In Marketing, Training & Development
Talk about first impressions! Managers responsible for recruiting new employees have a significant impact on both the employer brand and their organization’s overall brand. Here are two examples of how an ineffective recruiting experience – described by a potential candidate...

Internal Marketing Goes South

Posted by sybil | On: May 20 2014 | In Engagement, Marketing
I was honored to be one of three speakers from the U.S. invited to participate in the 6th International Marketing Congress: Marketing from the Inside, hosted by Asomercadeo, the Colombian Marketing Association. My Atlanta-based colleagues, Debra Semans and Ron Strauss, and I journeyed...

Keeping Employees from Becoming Invisible

Posted by sybil | On: May 13 2014 | In Engagement
New employees are easy to engage. Companies welcome new recruits with open arms as they explain the company’s mission-vision-values and goals, outline employees’ work duties, introduce them to their managers and co-workers, and perhaps even assign them peer mentors. I’m...

“Fast food will never make it!”

Posted by sybil | On: May 06 2014 | In Musings
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Legend has it that a commercial lender at one of the banks I once worked for said those words when rejecting a loan application by a business customer who wanted to purchase a MacDonald’s franchise. Fortunately, the customer was able to obtain a loan at another bank and became...