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Employee & Customer Trauma Cause Brand Damage

My recent posts dealt with the employee-customer happiness/satisfaction link and employees as personification of the brand.

Unfortunately, some managers may be blind to these self-reinforcing relationships, but not customers.

Customers are quick to pick up on signals of employee frustration & dissatisfaction, whether conveyed deliberately or not.  Consider a consumer’s experience in dealing with employees who:

  • lack sufficient product knowledge to help customers
  • are not clued in to the marketing messages being communicated to customers
  • genuinely want to help customers, but are hampered by a lack of internal support.

Any one of these situations that repeatedly occur reflect negatively on a company, its employees, and management.  Even worse, it puts an organization at risk to:

  • lose customers & income
  • lose employees (while incurring turnover expense)
  • negatively impact the company’s reputation (as a result of customer & employee churn), and
  • inflict serious brand damage.

Here’s a case where preventative medicine is preferable to acute care.  My prescription?  A healthy dose of internal marketing’s 3 Rs (Respect, Recognition & Reinforcement) applied regularly.

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