Another Vote for the Caveman Ad

My favorite “Super Bowl” ad goes to FedEx & their caveman spot for its creativity and humor. AND because it’s effective – everyone I heard talking about it today knew it as the “Fed Ex” ad. (Unlike some TV spots that folks enjoy, yet can’t remember who the advertiser was.)

However, despite the humorous scenario, there was something ‘dark’ about the ad that resonated with me.  When the poor caveman gets fired & tries to explain that FedEx hasn’t been invented yet, the Neanderthal boss claims that it’s not his (the boss’s) problem.  That’s the point where you can feel the caveman’s pain & frustration … especially those of us who’ve had the misfortune of working for bosses who blame you for things outside your control.  What a perfect set up for getting crushed by corporate arrogance & insensitivity.

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