Happy Birthday!

What do Abraham Lincoln and this blog have in common?  Both were born on February 12th!

Hard to believe I launched my blog one year ago today … especially since I’m somewhat technologically challenged (as my son, Jason, will attest).

Special thanks to my blog “birth” parents: Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing and Dana VanDen Heuvel of Blog Savant … and to all my regular readers, visitors, and colleagues who provide feedback & encouragement.

I haven’t yet figured out how to share cake & ice-cream through the blogosphere.  Just know that I’ll think of you as I indulge in a little celebration.

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Happy Blog-birthday Sybil

Happy first blog-birthday to Sybil Sterschic, Quality Service Marketing! Sybil is a graduate of AMA’s Hot Topic blog workshop. Quality Service Marketing’s focus is on employee-customer care…from the perspective of internal marketing. That means how …

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