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Georgia Aquarium – A Must Sea Experience

If you’re taking a trip to Atlanta, check out the new Georgia Aquarium.  And if Atlanta isn’t in your future travel plans, I suggest you reconsider … believe me, it’s worth the trip!

Last month while in Atlanta on business, a friend arranged a special visit to the Georgia Aquarium, the newest and largest aquarium in the world.  Here’s why I recommend it so highly:

  • The variety of marine life is incredible, ranging from beautiful & graceful beluga whales to a variety of wacky-looking sea creatures.
  • The place was designed with the visitor’s experience in mind.  There are great displays all around – you can actually walk underneath a giant tank to see fish swimming above you.  And you can get real close to the sea-life with several hands-on activities, including being able to touch manta rays.
  • Somebody there (the aquarium planners or staff) has a great sense of humor – on entering the aquarium I recall a notice that visitors are welcome … as long as they don’t bring their fishing poles!

What also impressed me was the staff’s enthusiam & commitment to the visitors’ experience.  While on tour with the Director of Education, there were several times he stopped to clean up some napkins or paper litter that was left on the floor.

Needless to say, I was hooked!

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