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Internal Branding Follow Up

My earlier post comparing the concepts of Internal Marketing and Internal Branding peaked a lot of interest with a number of mentions in the business blogosphere.

One in particular led me to Regina Miller of The Seventh Suite and her blog, HR’s Brand New Experience (which I’ve added to my Relevant Links blogroll at left).  Regina has a fascinating background that combines human resources & organizational development with internal branding & strategy alignment.  (A professional after my own heart: it all comes down to leadership & corporate culture.)

Exploring her blog, I found an interview she did with Kevin Keohane, Director of Brand Engagement of UK-based Enterprise IG, in which he describes Internal Branding as “what the employer says and does to embed the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that exemplify the brand.” (One of the briefest & best internal branding definitions I’ve heard.)

In addition, check out Christopher Hannegan’s recent post in which he cites how Dow Corning has aligned employee behavior to its brand attributes.  A company that’s committed to living its brand — what a concept!

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