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National Employee’s Day (Did you miss it, too?)

Did you know March 12th was National Employee’s Day?

It was a surprise to me (especially given my internal marketing, “employees-first” approach). I just learned about it recently (more on that later), and found very little on the web when I researched it. Although I did discover links to National Employee Health & Fitness Day, National Employee Benefits Day, and the National Association for Employee Recognition blog.

When I asked around, I heard some interesting reactions ranging from “I thought that’s what Labor Day is all about” to “Everyday is Employees’ Day – they get paid to come to work, don’t they?” My question is: do employees really need a special day set aside for recognition? I hate to think that’s the only time when a company acknowledges its people.

If anyone has more info on National Employee’s Day, please let me know.

P.S. So where did I first hear about this special day? It was mentioned in the daily newsletter for staff & guests of Glenora Inn, where my husband & I stayed recently. (It’s our favorite getaway place in the beautiful Finger Lakes.) Glenora management was treating its staff in observance of National Employee’s Day, one of many employee recognition efforts they engage in. I already know first-hand the incredible service & hospitality provided by Glenora staff (sigh) … guess I’ll just have to go back to learn more about their internal marketing.

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