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The Power of Employee Gatherings

As mentioned in my last post, Chiumento’s research found positive work relationships and effective internal communication are critical to employee satisfaction & happiness at work.

Chiumento cites the following tips to encourage good working relationships:

  • Foster inter-departmental communication and working, giving employees opportunities to share ideas & experiences
  • Encourage face-to-face communication where appropriate, so that colleagues have more worthwhile discussions than e-mail alone allows
  • Ensure no staff member is working in isolation but feels supported and involved in business.

I find these tips (taken from a longer list) most relevant because I’ve seen firsthand their powerful impact. Two of my clients recently hosted special gatherings to bring together their sales reps: one was a statewide meeting, the other a national meeting. (One group was primarily female, the other group male; ages varied in both groups.)

Here’s a representative sample of their comments from the session evaluations:

  • Excellent opportunity to exchange ideas. We’re all in the same boat with common goals.
  • Beneficial in hearing and learning how team members approach new business & make contacts, etc.
  • This is helpful to prioritize my thoughts. It is always helpful to hear it again from different people.
  • It really charged us up & got the idea stream flowing.

Yes, these types of events are labor-intensive and incur travel costs, especially compared with lower-cost alternatives of webinars and teleconferences. But a well planned face-to-face employee gathering is a worthwhile investment in stimulating and sharing ideas, problem-solving approaches and renewed focus through stronger internal networks.

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