Don’t Call Us, Unless We Need You

I ranted in my last post about organizations that don’t communicate with job applicants. Wait till you hear this shabby treatment of an internal job candidate.

A friend of mine provided freelance PR services for a number of years to an organization that decided to bring the position in-house. And she applied for the position.

How did she learn she didn’t get it? When she received an invitation to meet the new PR person. She called the office where she was contracted as a freelancer and was told that her rejection letter would be sent shortly. (That it should have been sent before the invitation is a moot point as my friend never received any letter.) She was also told she wasn’t hired for the position because she wasn’t a good fit with the organization’s culture and strategic plan. (Huh? Up to this point, she had never gotten any negative feedback about her work.)

The bottom line was that after all her years of service, she was treated rudely and without any professional courtesy. And get this – the office then called my friend because it wanted her to spend some time orienting the new person to the PR job!

Guess that was one task they had to tackle themselves …  : )

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