What I Hope to Accomplish This Year

New Year’s resolutions, best intentions, and assorted goals for 2009 – here’s a sample of what’s on my list for this year.


  • Update the look of my blog – watch for this sometime in February with the help of Karin Choi, Choice Designs, and Yvonne DiVita & Tom Collins, my publisher & friends at Windsor Media Enterprises..
  • Write an e-book or series of special reports that provide additional tools and ideas on how to engage employees with internal marketing. This publication (whatever form it ultimately takes) will continue to build on the foundation, strategy, and tools provided in my book Taking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee-Customer Care.
  • Determine if I’m going to be a “late adopter” of the Twitter phenomenon. Lots of colleagues are encouraging me to tweet, but I’m still not sure whether it’s right for me or not. (Pardon me, but my technophobia is showing.)


  • Keep up with my walking for both physical & mental health. (No treadmill for me, I prefer walking outside in the fresh air where I can also get my vitamin D naturally.)
  • I also want to get back to yoga and/or learn meditation. (I attended an intro yoga class a number of years ago and loved it; I just need to find a local class that I can fit it into my schedule.)
  • Get serious about executive downsizing – that’s solopreneur-speak for wanting to lose weight. (I prefer to think of myself as “upscale” rather than overweight.)

What are you planning to do in this New Year? Equally important, how good are you at keeping to your resolutions? (Hint, hint: suggestions are welcome!)

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Hi Sybil,
Happy New Year!
Looks like a valuable and still doable list. We’re glad to count you a friend and be included in your support network.
Looking forward to seeing you during your speaking visit to Rochester in March,

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