Engagement Marketing

Employee Appreciation Day

What are your plans for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day coming up Friday, March 6, 2009?

Yes, Virginia, there is special day set aside for this. Given how stressed out many employees are these days, the event is worth considering.

You can find some great recognition ideas ranging from lunch with a mentor to a handwritten thank you note – ideas that are applicable at any time beyond this designated day.

And if you want to have fun recognizing employees, check out Funny Employee Awards’ gag trophies. (My personal favorites include “The Spammie Award” for an employee who excels in e-mail and “The Burning Rubber Award” to recognize the employee who’s out the door the fastest at closing time. You can also present this award to honor the team that helps the company speed past the competition or completes a project the fastest.)

I’m giving serious thought to personally celebrating this day. As a soloprenuer, I treat myself on Boss’s Day and Administrative Professionals Day, so why not Employee Appreciation Day? Especially since I qualify for my company’s Employee of the Month/Year award!