Engaging Peeps

In time for Easter, I couldn’t resist sharing these Peep links. Yes, I’m talking about THE Peeps (not the abbreviated form of “people” used today, but the confection), manufactured by Just Born in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Disclaimer: My husband is head of the Lehigh Valley Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and Kim Lilly, VP Marketing, wrote this fantastic Peeps post on their blog.

Because they’re manufactured here, I’m used to seeing all sorts of Peep stuff, ranging from our local newspaper’s Peeps decorating contest to Just Born’s bright yellow Peep Mobile (pictured below) …and sometimes I forget that they’re part of pop culture.  (Did you know that you can now buy Lenox Peeps?)

Whether you consume your Peeps fresh or slightly stale (which is how my husband and I prefer them) or you like to get creative with them, I hope you enjoy them!

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My favorite thing to do with a peep? I must admit, hope this isn’t a sacrilege, but I love to put them in the microwave and watch them grow from a sweet little peep to a giant over-sized peep-monster and then melt into a puddle that becomes a crispy disk after a few minutes, then I am off to do it again. And no, I never eat them.

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