Still Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day?

Next week office workers will be honored as part of Administrative Professionals Week, an event that includes Administrative Professionals Day (April 22, 2009).

Wondering how the current economic situation is affecting this holiday, I asked a friend what his office was doing for this event and he replied, “Nothing.” After watching my jaw drop, he quickly explained that he demonstrated his appreciation for his office staff year round – publicly praising them for jobs well done and taking them out to lunch or dinner to celebrate completion of a major project – and that his staff didn’t feel the need to participate in this designated event.

I found a mixed bag of responses in my unscientific poll of other friends. Several said they’ll continue to observe this “holiday” by taking their staff out to lunch (paid for out-of-pocket, not company funds) or giving a small gift of a plant or gift card. One colleague told me her office does not participate because company policy does not allow them to single out certain groups (non-exempt vs. exempt employees). Another colleague spoke with pride about how her office finds the event a good excuse to honor the office manager who provides exceptional service; she was also quick to add her firm recognizes staff (when deserved) year-round, not just during this event.

If you’ve participated in Administrative Professionals Day/Week in the past and plan to continue, what adjustments, if any, will you make this year?

Happy Birthday, Dilbert!

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the significance of this week when Dilbert turns 20. Scott Adams unleashed this gang of comic cubicle characters to the masses on April 16, 1989. Thanks, Scott, for helping us laugh at the absurdities that (unfortunately) still exist in the workplace.

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