Do It Yourself Marketing for Entrepreneurs

In the past several months, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of new business filings listed in my local business journal. It’s no surprise, given the current economy. (Background: I started my business during the recession in the late 1980’s.)

So for all new (and wannabe) entrepreneurs, here’s a great resource. Dana VanDen Heuvel (aka Marketing Savant) created a 30 day do-it-yourself marketing e-course for entrepreneurs. Dana posted the series earlier in the summer and has offered a complete e-course recap of the program’s marketing ideas and action items. Here’s a sample of the easy-to-digest content:

  • Building your database (day 6)
  • Engaging in meaningful (rather than mindless) marketing (day 10)
  • Becoming “slightly famous” (day 23)

It’s also a great resource for long-time entrepreneurs who need a marketing boost.

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