Expanding My Involvement in Social Media

Most people who know me know I’m slow to adapt to technology (with the exception of this blog that I’ve been doing for nearly five years). So it’s no surprise that I’ve resisted getting into Twitter and Facebook – despite the urging of business associates and family … until now.

I’ve collected a file folder full of “how-to” articles and tools for using Twitter from social media experts. But I was curious about what other small businesses were doing with it, so I surveyed several colleagues to learn about their experience. I got some great advice while also taking comfort from a few who are still deciding when/if to join the fray. [Special thanks to those of you who responded to my questions.]

My biggest hesitation (besides the technology thing – seriously, I’m not even experienced in sending text messages!) is the time issue. It’s a major concern my colleagues tell me, yet they are finding ways to manage it by tweeting once a day to a few times a week.

Guess I’ll have to take that jump further into the social media pool.
Stay tuned …

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Thanks, Toby and Yvonne – I really appreciate your reinforcing my approach here. Besides considering how best to integrate social media in my overall marketing strategy, I want to carefully join in the conversation without adding to the “chatter” and information overload.

Sybil, it’s good to see someone be thoughtful about this. Too many people jump on new tools and ‘toys’ and suffer the consequences (poor results, bad connections, or worse – a backlash for some inappropriate but innocent comment).
I’m glad you’re taking your time. I welcome you in whatever capacity you choose, and I hope others take your lead: learn what’s best for you before venturing into the social media world (often full chatter and nonsense…) because the business arena of social media is much more complicated.

Sybil – “Wading” into social media with full understanding of how it will support your current strategy, what additional resources are need and your community’s expectations is way far better than jumping into the high end of the pool without knowing how to swim. Looking forward to your steps into social networks!

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