Employees’ Choice Awards for Best Places to Work

Hollywood isn’t the only place where they celebrate the People’s Choice Awards. The workplace also has its share of recognition.

Glassdoor recently released its 2010 Top 50 Best Places to Work list, along with the 25 lowest rated list of companies. What’s significant about these rankings are that they’re based on voluntary employee input. Although it may seem like a potential dumping site for disgruntled employees to vent their anger, Glassdoor provides guidelines to encourage balanced content so employees who just want to complain need to take a constructive approach in sharing their input.

What I like about Glassdoor’s site is that its information helps both employees and employers:

  • Employees can share their feedback anonymously and get access to company reviews.
  • Prospective employees (i.e., job candidates) can also share their interview experience with a company.
  • Employers benefit with access to real-time feedback from current and prospective employees.

The workplace doesn’t need the red carpet as much as it needs a sound listening post. That’s something we can all celebrate.

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