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Quality Service Marketing Joins the World Wide Web

I’m happy to introduce my new website! Until now I resisted the idea, using this blog in lieu of a separate website. So why now – especially given social media’s blending of internet marketing tools?

The decision to have my own website was necessitated by two key factors:

  • the growth of my business – in the past several years since my book was published, I’ve been researched and contacted by more organizations interested in employee-customer care. While my blog contains a wealth of such content written over the past six years, prospects told me they preferred a site where they could get a quicker overview of my work.
  • the growth of social media and my involvement in it (including my recent foray in Twitter) – here, again, I needed a better way to convey my brand to new network contacts.

Special thanks to Spectyr Media for designing and developing Yes, Spectyr Media’s principal is my son, Jason … and yes, I insisted on paying him for his professional services and web-hosting. Just don’t ask him about the extra pay he deserved for his patience in putting up with my technophobia!

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