Many Employers Still Clueless (or Why I feel Sorry for HR)

I truly feel sorry for the HR folks who work with these CEOs. HR folks shouldn’t have to sell the importance of employee engagement – they should be supporting the CEOs in their efforts to create and maintain an engaging workplace.

Until these CEOs truly “get” employee engagement, I urge HR professionals to start stockpiling sunglasses. Because when the executives’ rose-colored classes fall off, they’re going to be blinded by all the empty space once filled by their employees.

“CEOs are not listening to the message around engagement, because HR is not convincing them of its importance,” according to an HR Magazine post.

“ … employee engagement and loyalty is at a three-year low, but many employers have no clue as to the dismal state of affairs,” reported in a recent study.

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Thanks, Capri, for sharing your perspective. I wonder how much HR’s focus parallels the organizational culture … i.e., I can see a negative tone aligned with a negative culture; ditto for a positive tone and culture. But how long would HR’s negative focus last in a people-focused, positive workplace?

Employee engagement is so important for businesses to work towards strengthening. An employee that is fully engaged in the firm they work for will be a champion in promoting the service offered and work towards improving it each day. The customers served by the firm will feel the authenticity shining through from employees who themselves feel valued and empowered. Sometimes CEO’s believe this but HR is too concerned with focusing on the negative aspects that have to be dealt with among employees. Both groups often need refreshers on the importance of employee engagement.

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