Which Engagement Path Will You Take?

The following poem was written by David Zinger and is one of my favorites in his new book, Assorted Zingers (with great cartoons by John Junson).

Two roads diverged
by David Zinger

Let me tell you a tale
about the disengaged.
A tell tale sign is
you are told not asked,
you are fringed not foreground,
work is an energy drain,
not an energy gain.
You would rather be anywhere else,
yet you seem stuck in place.
And you have to stray
because of the pension, economy, fear, benefits
or just the plain inertia of it all.

It is time to tell a different tale
where you are connected
in the foreground
gaining energy
and making contributions.
If that tale cannot be told
get your tail out of there.
You only have so many days to work
and when you work in those days
and those days work for you
it makes all the difference.

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Thank you for sharing this, Sybil. I will forward this posting. I think there are many people who would nod in recognition, as they read this poem.

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