Stop Treating Employees Like They’re Stupid

A friend who works for a Fortune 500 company called me in disbelief. His company held an all-employee meeting to share its end-of-year results. Among the key messages:

  1. The company had a great year and profits were up.
  2. Due to the uncertain economy, no merit increases would be given.
  3. If employees were upset, they could write to their congressional representatives because the government’s inability to make a decision on the debt situation¬†was to blame for fiscal uncertainty.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon these days for companies to hold back from sharing the wealth. [Check out this Business Insider post, We Need To Stop Maximizing Profit And Start Maximizing Value.] But to suggest employees blame the government?! I’m guessing the internal communications folks didn’t get a chance to vet the CEO’s remarks.

Here’s the takeaway for employees who do their best to help the company achieve its financial goals: their hard work is acknowledged and recognized but NOT rewarded because senior management says it’s out of their control. Yeah, right …

Not to worry, though, as this company’s employees are still engaged – they’re engaged in updating their resumes and networking for new jobs.



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