Marketing Tips for B2B Telemarketers

I know, I know … caller ID and voice mail make it difficult to actually reach prospects these days. If you want to be more effective in reaching potential buyers, here are several suggestions based on my experience as a marketer and consumer.

  • Know your prospect. “I’d like to talk to the person who manages your credit card processing … distribution services …. sales software … ” I’m amazed at how many calls I get from B2B telemarketers offering products and services that I don’t use. Before calling, do your homework to learn if the prospect is even a viable candidate for what you offer.
  • Identify your company. “Unknown name” and 800-type numbers on caller ID guarantee most people won’t pick up the call.
  • Forget robo-calls. On hearing an automated message, I’ll immediately hang up. Why should I listen to you if you can’t have a real person talk to me? Similarly, I’ll instantly delete any voice mail message from an automated call.
  • Dare to be different. If you want to get the attention of qualified prospects, use direct mail. If it’s a well done, targeted piece, they’re more likely to read it. You can also be creative without going to a lot of major expense, depending on the size of your qualified list. For example, if you can’t afford to send customized wrapped candy with your company logo, you can use popular candy such as PayDay®, a $100 Grand® bar, or Good & Plenty® to send to qualified prospects. [Notice a theme  here?] I know a saleswoman who scouts dollar-type stores to find appropriate novelty items to send to potential customers.

Listen Up!
My beef isn’t with B2B telemarketers who strategically and respectfully reach out to qualified prospects. My frustration is with those telemarketers who persist with untargeted, anonymous and/or annoying automated calls. It’s time to wake up, listen up, and consider how much more effective you’d be if you follow at least the first three tips or revisit Sales 101 principles. It’s not complicated: useless telemarketing calls are wasted sales calls!



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